Top 5 Games to Play & Experience in VR Mode

Love gaming? Let’s create memorable experiences with VR gaming.
Over the years, games have changed, and gaming modes have changed, but what remained the same within us is a gamer.
From Snake game in Nokia 650 to PubG on Smartphones, it’s time to level up for a VR gaming experience.

If you are hunting down a memorable gaming experience? You must try VR games- The glorified tech demons!

Now, the question is, which one? The market is full of hundreds of VR games, but which one is worth your time, energy, and money?
To lessen your hassle and proliferate your gaming experiences, we have come up with the top 5 games to play and experience in VR mode.

Let the hunt begin!

Top games to play in VR Mode

  1. Half-Life: Alyx

Spark the revolution as Alyx Vance; is the only chance for humanity’s survival.
Half-Life: Alyx is Valve’s VR return to the Half-Life series full of action and adventure. This VR game allows you to return to the half-life world after 13 years, where you can delve into puzzle-solving, world exploration, and visceral combat.
Throughout the VR game, you can learn about enemy Combine forces and research their weaknesses.
Make an impossible shot, find shotgun shells and healing syringes, hack alien interfaces, Rip a head off, and do whatever you can to save humanity.

  1. Resident Evil

Experience survival terror like never before with Resident Evil.
With its horrifying visuals and gaming level, Resident Evil is one of the best five games to play and experience in VR mode, played by over 4.7 million users.
The horror will feel like never before with the exclusive graphics, intense first-person action, and sensational thrill.
This VR game revolves around the main character, Ethan Winters, from Dulvey, Louisiana. Throughout the game, you have to explore a deserted house to find the wife, Mia, who is missing. During the search and rescue mission, manage your inventory and resources, and fight with the enemies in order to survive.

  1. MineCraft

If you are searching for a first-player and multiplayer VR game? Welcome to Minecraft.
Minecraft is a fusion of exploration, creation, and survival. In the game, players must build the digital world they wish to and earn rewards.
Say goodbye to characters, story, and drama, welcoming, building, exploring, and battling mobs to survive and make your world.

  1. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a multiplayer adventure-action survival game with one epic adventure.
It’s a never-ending journey to explore billions of planets, fight aliens, and create your world across the universe.
For the first time, each player wakes up in an unknown location and, from there, starts the journey to explore the universe, mine, dig caves, build bases, discover aliens and ancient civilizations, and solve mysteries.
If you are a space lover and warrior, get ready to solve the mysteries of the universe with one of the most adventurous VR games of its time.

  1. Elite Dangerous

Hunting down to play epic and create history, Say hello to the Elite Dangerous; VR game online. Elite Dangerous has come a long way, completing more than 30 years in the market, but it still beats the trending VR games.
It is a multiplayer VR game where players will be surrounded by stars, moons, asteroid fields, and black holes in true epic proportions fighting a battle, hunting, exploring smuggling, and trading in order to survive.
Get goosebumps in the galaxy with the hauntingly memorable expedition of Elite Dangerous.


The above-mentioned top 5 games to play and experience in VR mode are best supported in multiple platforms like Windows PC, iOS, and mobile devices and give you a chance to connect with multiple players across the globe, along with offering an enthralling experience.

Every VR game mentioned in the article is privileged and better than one another. So, without wasting another second, buy any of them; and get ready to experience the unexperienced.
Beat the clock, fight the battles, explore new planets, make your world, and so much more is about to come your way with these top 5 VR games.

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