FIFA 23 PS5, FIFA 23 Xbox, and FIFA 23 PC: A Complete Review

2023 is already here, and EA Sports is all set to release FIFA Football’s 2023 version Fifa 23 PS5, FIFA 23 Xbox, and FIFA 23 PC for its global audience.

Soccer may not be the most liked sport in the world, but the series of FIFA Football video games by EA is undoubtedly one of the most liked video games in the world. First developed in 1993, the publishers of FIFA Football have been releasing it annually for a global audience. Well, 2023 is already here, and EA Sports has already released FIFA Football’s 2023 versions FIFA 23 PS5, FIFA 23 Xbox, and FIFA 23 PC, for its global audience.

But this year, EA Sports is rebranding FIFA 23 and giving it the name of EA Sports FC. Well, who cares about the name because fans are already in love with this game? No matter what you put on the title, people are not going to stop playing this. And as soon as the official announcement got out, fans and viewers started storming online about the game’s release date and upcoming updates. So, let’s get down to it without wasting any more time. Let’s look at the complete review of the release, expectations, and other perks of the FIFA 23 version for PS5, Xbox, and PC.

FIFA 23 PS5, FIFA 23 Xbox, and FIFA 23 PC: A Complete Review

Who doesn’t like to play video games and online games? Exceptions are everywhere, but most of us like to play video and online games. And EA Sports’ Football Simulation Game FIFA Football is the world’s most loved sports simulation game. And since 2023 is here, let’s look at the complete review of FIFA 23 PS5, FIFA 23 Xbox, and FIFA 23 PC games.

FIFA 23 PS5 and FIFA Xbox Release Date

FIFA 23 is the final EA football game to use the FIFA moniker; in the future, the series will be known as EA Sports FC. FIFA 23 PS5 and Xbox are already available on the internet. 26 September 2022 is the release date of this game. It is available to stream on Xbox and PS5. The PC version is also available on the official website of EA Sports.

Graphics and Resolution

While FIFA 23 PS5 and Xbox run at native 4K on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S suffers a significant resolution loss and only supports 1080p. Once more, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have identical graphics settings. Models, textures, lighting, and shadow settings are the same in both versions. However, shadows are displayed even at a lower resolution with the Xbox Series S.

Performance is the same in all situations on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S versions. The game runs on all three systems with a frame rate of 60 during gameplay and 30 during replays or up-close shots.


The two main additions to FIFA 23 PS5, FIFA 23 Xbox, and FIFA 23 PC are Technical Dribbling and HyperMotion2. The former AI-driven technology tries to create distinctive movements during gaming. It gives the game greater variety by allowing players to respond differently in different situations.

‘Data captured directly from the pitch in both a men’s and women’s match results in a combined total of over 6000 HyperMotion-enabled animations that make players move and play more responsively and realistically than ever before in FIFA 23.’

For the past few years, the pace has entirely ruled the FIFA meta, but EA has introduced AcceleRATE, which should give some diversity. Each player’s rating is different, which determines how they communicate their pace. While some players have better endurance and long-lasting stability, others may show fatigue bolts in short bursts.

Free to Play or Not

Despite some people suggesting otherwise, FIFA 23 PS5 and Xbox versions are not free to play. EA has already announced the Pre-Order packages for the game on the 20th of July, 2022. It confirms that you need to pay to obtain FIFA 23.

Nonetheless stunning

The only aspect left to discuss is how the game looks, and there hasn’t been much of a change aside from new kits and somewhat enhanced player models. Even the FUT stadiums are virtually unchanged from the previous season.

Despite this, FIFA 23 still has fantastic visuals. It runs on PS5, Xbox Series X, and compatible PCs in 4K and at 60 frames per second. And it is still as svelte.

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